ZETTLER Group Distributor of the Year Award

Future Electronics was presented with the ZETTLER Group’s 2016 Distributor of the Year Award at the annual EDS Summit in Las Vegas.
The ZETTLER Group Distributor of the Year award recognizes our valued partners who have demonstrated significant sales volume, outstanding professionalism and operational excellence. We are proud to recognize Future Electronics’ significant contribution to our distribution results in 2016. This award represents the commitment demonstrated by the Future Electronics team in North America and their contributions made to substantial revenue growth for both our companies. This is also the 2nd year in a row that Future has won this award.
We would specifically like to thank the Electromechanical group in Montreal and their exceptional hard work and commitment to the American ZETTLER line in North America. Due to their valiant efforts we have consistently achieved growth year over year. American ZETTLER’s North America relays sales to Future Electronics in 2016 grew over 1 million USD vs. sales in 2015. It was also Future Electronics’ 4th year in a row of year over year sales growth.
Patrick Millett, VP of Global Distribution at ZETTLER Group, presented the award to Heather Goldsmith, Director of Electromechanical at Future, and Marc Garceau, Product Marketing Manager of Electromechanical at Future.
We value our partnership with Future Electronics and look forward to continuing the growth of our North America and Global relationships.
About ZETTLER Group
ZETTLER GROUP is a globally operating and vertically integrated enterprise, engaged in the design, manufacturing, sales and distribution of Electronic Components. ZETTLER GROUP companies provide component solutions across a broad spectrum of applications and industries, and operate in Asia, North America and Europe.
The group’s diversified product lines include Relays, Transformers, LCD/TFT Displays, HVAC Controls and New Energy solutions.
ZETTLER’s customers include many global top brands in the industrial and consumer product markets.

Relay Application in Renewable Energy Heat Systems

Application Spotlight May 2017

About the renewable energy market

Trends in renewable energy applications in heating systems include the use of heat pumps that convert existing energy in soil, air or water into useable heat for living spaces. A leading manufacturer of modern heating systems required a relay for a new generation of heat pumps.  The purpose of the relay is to bypass the charging resistance in order to limit the start-up current of a motor inverter that feeds the compressor motor. The glow wire version of American Zettler’s  new AZSR131 power relay is designed to pass glow wire testing, making the relay  compliant with the requirements of IEC 60335-1 for household appliances.

About the design

AZSR131 relays have UL and TUV recognized switch ratings of 35A@277VAC at 85°C for 30K cycles. Their usage in heat pump controls demonstrates the versatile applicability of this component, which was initially   designed for use in solar inverters where the relay disconnects the inverter from the mains public grid in compliance with IEC 62109.

American Zettler continues to play a leading role in providing components solutions for New Energy markets in solar relay  and EV charging applications, among others.

Datasheet: AZSR131 series

American Zettler, Inc., a Zettler Group company, produces over fifty different types of relays to meet the many requirements of commercial and industrial applications. Because of their high reliability, American Zettler relays are used in a wide range of demanding applications including telecommunication and security systems, solar inverters and electric vehicle charging equipment, home appliances, lighting and energy management controls, HVAC/R, industrial controls and many other types of electric and electronic equipment. www.azettler.com