Competitive and convenient “end-of-life” Relay Replacements from American ZETTLER.

Product Spotlight, December 2020.

American ZETTLER continues to be a highly competitive source for relays supporting a wide spectrum of applications such as HVAC, Industrial, Motor Control, Power Controls and Food Services. As a market leader in the PCB relay component industry, we also offer highly convenient replacement “drop-ins” for competitive relays that have recently been or are in the process of being discontinued.

A few years ago, Omron discontinued their G8P and G5LA series relays, and recently TE Connectivity discontinued their T9 relay. Now Panasonic has announced “end-of-life” for their JS1, JTN and JTV relay series – all without replacements.

Our AZ943, AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280 series are suitable replacement “drop-ins” and we are here to stay with these series. Please see below for the discontinued competitors’ series and the ZETTLER series crosses (with hyperlinks).


JS AZ943
JTN AZ2100 & AZ2150
JTV AZ2150

G8P AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280
G5LE AZ943

T9 AZ2100, AZ2150 & AZ2280

Please contact all your customers and let them know ZETTLER is here to support you and your customer’s designs. For crossing and quoting please contact your direct ZETTLER salesperson.

Customized ZETTLER AZEV132 relay for e-mobility charging applications according to IEC62752 Mode 2

Application Spotlight, November 2020.

Due to the growing market for electric vehicles, the demand for charging infrastructure products is increasing rapidly. During the initial phases of the e-mobility rollout, mostly purely functional Mode 2 charging cables in accordance with IEC62752 were required. Today, manufacturers are also paying more and more attention to an attractive design with a high recognition value. There is also a strong focus on reducing the size of such devices.

A market leader in the field of high-end charging infrastructure approached ZETTLER because they desired a relay according to IEC62752 for its new generation of mode 2 charging cables with additional customized design features. Based on the experience and variety of reliable ZETTLER relays, a customized version was built according to the customer’s needs. The customer is highly satisfied with the resulting individualized relay solution, packaged in a tailor-made housing and printed in its own design.

ZETTLERs AZEV132 relay is a 1-pole power PCB relays, initially developed specifically for use in accordance with IEC62752 and, more importantly, to meet the exceedingly stringent short-circuit withstand-current requirements of this standard. These relays also have a monitoring contact to allow detection of any possible welding issues with the main contacts. The relays are approved at UL, CUR and TÜV with ratings of up to 40 A with 6k switching cycles (32 A with 50k switching cycles) for the normally open load contact and 10 mA at 12 VDC with 50k switching cycles for the normally closed monitoring contact.

A new version with switching capability of up to 50A, our AZEV140, is planned for series production in 2021.

For samples and data sheets of ZETTLER EV charging relays or similar solutions or to discuss the wide variety of application opportunities for the range of ZETTLER Relays, please contact us.

Electronic Components for 480VAC Applications (Part 2/2)

Application Spotlight, July 2020.

Previously in Part 1 of this series, we explored electromagnetic components from ZETTLER Magnetics used in the conversion of 480VAC to lower AC (or DC) voltages. In Part 2, we explore electromechanical components from American ZETTLER that are capable of switching or isolating high voltage circuits operating at 480VAC. This ranges from bulky definite purpose contactors which handle the higher power loads more commonly associated with 480VAC circuits down to miniature power (latching) relays popular in lighting.

These robust switches offer safety approvals and certified ratings well suited for a number of applications including refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, elevators, food service equipment, cranes, hoists, welding machines, power supplies, vending machines, lighting, pumps and compressors.

Perspective:  A smaller XMC0 contactor next to AZSR1200, AZSR190, AZ2800, and AZ576 power relays.
Featured Products   Load Ratings
XMC0 Definite Purpose Contactors are available in various pole configurations with options for auxiliary contacts, micro switches, and mechanical interlocks 25-90 FLA up to 600VAC
125-450 LRA at 480VAC
AZSR1200, AZSR1180, and AZSR1160 single pole PCB mount power relays are well suited for solar inverter applications Make/break 40A, carry up to 200A, 920VAC (85 C)
50 make/break cycles up to 200A, 920VAC (85 C)
AZSR190 and AZSR165 single pole PCB relays are common in both solar and EVSE applications Up to 55A at 480VAC (85 C) for 30k cycles
Up to 100A at 480VAC (85 C) for 1k cycles
AZ2800 (panel mount) and AZ2850 (PCB mount) are popular double-pole power relays available in DPST and DPDT configurations 8 FLA or 10A general use on normally open contacts up to 600VAC
2 FLA or 2A general use on both normally open and closed contacts at 480VAC
AZ576 (non-latching) and AZ576P (latching) miniature power relays in single pole configurations are great for lighting and other smaller loads on 277, 347 or 480VAC circuits 3.7A std. ballast at 480VAC (105 C)
2.7A elec. ballast at 480VAC (105 C)
1HP rating at 480VAC (85 C)

ZETTLER Group and Digi-Key Electronics partner in new Distribution Relationship

Starting in May 2020, ZETTLER Group North America’s three product divisions have entered a long-term supplier relationship with Digi-Key Electronics, a highly recognized global industry leader in electronics components distribution.
ZETTLER’s product lines include electromechanical relays (American ZETTLER, Inc.), LCD TFT display solutions (AZ Displays, Inc.) and transformer/magnetic components (ZETTLER Magnetics, Inc.).

Each of ZETTLER’s product divisions will have a variety of their most important component lines represented on Digi-Key’s highly user-friendly digital search engines. All products are available for immediate purchase through Digi-Key’s top-rated transactional website infrastructure. Products range from power relays for many different applications, to IPS color TFT displays to AC/DC power modules and power transformers across a variety of electrical parameters. Applications and industries span across HVAC-R, Automotive, Solar, EV-Charging, Smart Energy, Building Automation, Industrial, Medical, LED Lighting, Energy Distribution & Management, Telecom and many more.

Like Digi-Key Electronics, ZETTLER has long been known for technical innovation, product quality and service in support of customers seeking reliable component solutions. As globally recognized brands, Digi-Key and ZETTLER both share in the idea of offering engineers and product designers immediate access to a vast array of well stocked product offerings through an easy-to-access, engineering friendly digital environment.
The combination of ZETTLER products with Digi-Key’s powerful presence in the digital space, along with its impeccable track record in product availability and on-time delivery, will make this partnership a formidable force in the marketplace.

ZETTLER introduces new 50A power relay for solar / EV charging applications with very small footprint.

Product announcement, April 2020.
The demand for switching higher currents and higher voltages on increasingly smaller footprint continues to grow, especially in Solar and EV charging applications. ZETTLER is following this trend by introducing its newest type of “New Energy” relays, the 50A AZSR143.
With a footprint of only 30.4mm x 15.9mm the AZSR143 closes the gap between the well-known AZSR131 and AZSR235/AZSR250.
The AZSR143 has a maximum UL/TUV switch rating of 50A@277VAC with 6K cycles. Other ratings include 43A@277VAC (85°C) and 33A@277VAC (105 C) with 30K cycles each and 50A@277VAC carry current with 50K cycles (on/off) at 20A. It features a 1.8mm contact gap, a 4500Vrms dielectric strength and a minimum holding power of 196mW.

Mainly designed for solar inverters, the AZSR143 is also well suited for for electric vehicle charging equipment.
For the complete data sheet please go to: AZSR143 series
Innovation in product design is how ZETTLER is leading the field of new energy application solutions. Please also Contact Us for other relay products in that category, such as the 16/32A AZEV116/AZEV132 , the 65/90A    AZSR165/AZSR190  or our 35A AZSR131 as well as our flagship solar relay, the 50A AZSR250.

COVID-19 ZETTLER Group Update.

Dear Valued Customer,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and these times of uncertainty, we want to share with you ZETTLER Group’s strategies to safeguard our customers and employees. Our goal is to continue providing you excellent service, and we commit to having robust business continuity plans, consistent support, and product availability.

  • Due to certain exemptions, our new warehouse location in Vista, California will remain open for receiving and shipping product. Specific measures have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our employees.
  • The majority of our Sales, Administration and Support staff will be working remotely. We will continue to provide seamless support to our customers.
  • Our processes and procedures will not change. Customers can continue to place orders through regular channels.
  • Our factories and office locations in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong are back to work and fully operational. Our supply chains are stable.

Your success is important to us. We understand how to provide stability in times of uncertainty. As this is a fluid situation, we will continue to provide regular updates should anything change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Sales contacts.

Yours sincerely,
Max Moegling
Vice President, Finance and Administration
ZETTLER Group North America 

ZETTLER Group North America Company Relocation.

ZETTLER Group North America is pleased to announce that we will be moving operations to below address in Vista, California.
This includes all North American ZETTLER Group Divisions:

American ZETTLER, Inc.
ZETTLER Magnetics, Inc.
ZETTLER Controls, Inc.
AZ Displays, Inc.
ZETTLER Integrated Solutions, Inc.

2410 Birch Street
Vista, CA 92081 USA

Phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

For more contact information, please visit

Our existing office in Aliso Viejo, CA will cease operations on March 13th, 2020 and we will resume on March 16th, 2020 from our new office in Vista, CA.

Please direct all correspondence and shipments to the new Vista address going forward.

If you have any questions concerning our new location, please feel free to reach out to us.

Yours sincerely,

Max Moegling
Vice President, Finance and Administration

AZSR131 relays from ZETTLER for use in E-mobility wallbox charger.

Application Spotlight, February 2020.

Global plug-in electric vehicles sales for the first half of 2019 reached more than 1.1 million units- a 46% increase over prior year. Estimated global sales for 2020 are projected to reach 4 million units, reaching 12 million units in 2025, and 21 million in 2030.
AZSR131 relays from ZETTLER for use in E-mobility wallbox chargerThis positive trend is also evident in associated sales of charging infrastructure solutions. In particular, wall charging stations – so-called “wallboxes” – that enable EV charging with AC voltage according to charging mode 3 (IEC 61851-1) are and will continue to be in extraordinary demand. They facilitate charging of electric vehicles with voltages up to 400V, and are used in protected areas such as parking garages, carports or private homes.
ZETTLER AZSR131 EV charging relay
A supplier of wallboxes contacted ZETTLER in Europe, because of their need for a relay compliant with the requirements of IEC 61851-1 for a new generation of EV charging wallboxes. The relays of ZETTLER’s AZSR131 series have a normally open contact (1 form A) and are UL and TÜV approved with 35A 277VAC and 30,000 switching cycles or 33A 277VAC and 50,000 switching cycles with TÜV. The relays are available in the standard version with 1.8mm contact gap and in a special version with up to 2.3mm. The relays are also available in a version in accordance with the extended household appliance standard IEC 60335-1 (GWT). This component solution in the EV charging space along with others, such as the new AZEV132 EV charging relay, keeps ZETTLER relays at the forefront in this significant green energy growth segment.
Please Contact Us for samples and data sheets of these new ZETTLER EV charging relays or similar solutions or to discuss the wide variety of application opportunities for the range of ZETTLER Relays.

New ZETTLER relay series AZEV116 / 132 meets stringent requirements of IEC62752 for Mode 2 charging of Electric Vehicles (EV).

November 2019

Electromobility is progressing steadily and the plans of many car manufacturers to ultimately exit internal combustion engine technology are becoming ever more concrete.
American zettler relays for relay for EV charging systems

As with almost all emerging technologies, application-specific standards for EV charging have continuously evolved over the years as safety concerns and impacts to the electric utility grid were considered. For early pioneers of electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) or charging stations, this meant constant re-engineering of existing systems to meet regional standards and uncertainty around future certification requirements.

For the charging of electric vehicles using household or CEE sockets, the IEC62752 standard offers system designers a welcome sense of clarity on what future regulations are likely to require. Charge mode 2 (Level 2 charging / IC-CPD) addresses necessary control and safety requirements for charging cables along with considerations for the type of currents and service life these products will endure.
American Zettler AZEV116 and AZEV132 relays

Fortunately for hardware designers of EVSE systems, ZETTLER’s new relay series AZEV116 and AZEV132 were developed specifically for use in accordance with IEC62752 and, more importantly, to meet the exceedingly stringent short-circuit withstand-current requirements of this standard. These relays also have an isolated signal monitoring contact to allow detection of any possible welding issues with the main contacts.


  • Designed for charging systems of charge mode 2 (IEC62752).
  • Normally open (1 Form A) with wide contact gap ≥ 2.25 mm.
  • Dielectric strength (coil/power contact) 4,000 Vrms.
  • Galvanic isolated signal monitoring contact (1 Form B).
  • UL, CUR and TUV approvals.


  • Electrical lifetime: 50,000 switching cycles 16 A, 277 VAC @ 85C
  • Short-circuit withstand: ≥ 1.02 kA; ≥ 2.5 kA²s


  • Electrical lifetime: 50,000 switching cycles 32 A, 277 VAC @ 85C
  • Short-circuit withstand: ≥ 1.5 kA; ≥ 6.0 kA²s

Please Contact Us for samples and data sheets of these new ZETTLER EV charging relays or similar solutions or to discuss the wide variety of application opportunities for the range of ZETTLER Relays.

ZETTLER’s AZ420 relay series End of Life (EOL) Notice

Sept. 30th 2019

Dear Customers,

Due to diminishing global demand the ZETTLER Group has decided to discontinue all AZ420 series:

Discontinued Series: Replacement Series:
AZ420, AZ428 & AZ2428 No Drop-In replacement
AZ421, AZ429 & AZ2429 No Drop-In replacement
AZ431 & AZ439 No Drop-In replacement
Last Order Date: Last Ship Date:
October 31st 2019 TBD (see below)

We strongly recommend placing last time buy orders right away for immediate delivery.
All orders will be final: Non-Cancelable Non-Returnable.

The last ship date is targeted for end of Q1 2020/ beginning of Q2 2020. This date is subject to change.

Our Engineering and Sales teams are ready to answer your questions and assist with any engineering requests.

  • Best regards,
  • Patrick Millett
  • General Manager
  • American Zettler, Inc.