ZETTLER introduces new 50A power relay for solar / EV charging applications with very small footprint.

Product announcement, April 2020.
The demand for switching higher currents and higher voltages on increasingly smaller footprint continues to grow, especially in Solar and EV charging applications. ZETTLER is following this trend by introducing its newest type of “New Energy” relays, the 50A AZSR143.
With a footprint of only 30.4mm x 15.9mm the AZSR143 closes the gap between the well-known AZSR131 and AZSR235/AZSR250.
The AZSR143 has a maximum UL/TUV switch rating of 50A@277VAC with 6K cycles. Other ratings include 43A@277VAC (85°C) and 33A@277VAC (105 C) with 30K cycles each and 50A@277VAC carry current with 50K cycles (on/off) at 20A. It features a 1.8mm contact gap, a 4500Vrms dielectric strength and a minimum holding power of 196mW.

Mainly designed for solar inverters, the AZSR143 is also well suited for for electric vehicle charging equipment.
For the complete data sheet please go to: AZSR143 series
Innovation in product design is how ZETTLER is leading the field of new energy application solutions. Please also Contact Us for other relay products in that category, such as the 16/32A AZEV116/AZEV132 , the 65/90A    AZSR165/AZSR190  or our 35A AZSR131 as well as our flagship solar relay, the 50A AZSR250.

ZETTLER introduces high-capacity PCB mount solar relays optimized for 690VAC grid inverters.

Product Spotlight, May 2019.

For the switching of 600VAC-800VAC circuits, large contactors have traditionally been the only viable option but new high capacity relays from ZETTLER are challenging those assumptions.
The new AZSR1160 and AZSR1180 PCB mount relays from ZETTLER provide system designers with a small form-factor alternative for switching power levels up to 165kVA. These new SPST relays can switch voltages up to 920VAC and currents up to 180A, all with a holding (coil) power of less than 0.5W. Contact gaps and insulation distances are optimized for commercial PV systems deployable up to 7000 m above sea level.
Key Features or Design Parameters include:

  • Specially designed terminals simplify thermal management and maximize lifetime
  • 3.6mm contact gap available
  • >10mm clearance/creapage
  • High surge breakdown voltage of 10kV
  • Coil voltage options from 6-48VDC
  • UL and TUV ratings
For a complete data sheet, follow the links: AZSR1160 and AZSR1180