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Wide-gap ‘sugar cube’ relay in actuator application for medical beds

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Application Spotlight April 2018

Innovative technical adaptations of existing and proven relay series that have been in the market for decades often help in meeting new application requirements, while keeping cost as low as possible.
A manufacturer of electric linear actuators used in medical beds and other applications was looking for a drive adjustment solution, that required a low-cost relay in common design that had to meet specific technical specs. The standard series AZ943 could meet all of these, except for the requirement of an increased contact gap
of at least 0.8 mm. ZETTLER’s engineering team delivered on this additional requirement by facilitating a technical adjustment to the relay series.
The resulting new AZ943W series is characterized by the increased contact gap of at least 0.8 mm. The relays are available as changeover (SPDT) and normally open (SPST). They have a switching capacity of up to 10 A at 277 VAC or 10 A at 30 VDC at a maximum ambient temperature of + 70 C. The electrical life is specified with up to 20,000 switching cycles.
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Datasheet: AZ943W
Datasheet: AZ943 (standard version)
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