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Complete Contract Manufacturing Services

Aliso Viejo, California - American ZETTLER, Inc., a relay manufacturer, is excited to announce that it is adding contract manufacturing services to its existing line of solutions for the component industry.

Responding to the requests of its customers for this added service, contract manufacturing will allow American ZETTLER, and its affiliated Zettler Component companies, to leverage their combined value into a complete solution for customers. American ZETTLER has always thought of itself as more than just a relay manufacturer, and more of a partner to its customers. Contract manufacturing services is the next strategic step in that “Partner” vision.

Through its modern ISO 9001 manufacturing facilities in China and utilizing IPC600/610 standards, American ZETTLER offers its most cost-effective solutions on opportunities requiring the following production capabilities:

  • PCB measurements between 2” " 19” (single, double-sided, or 4 layer boards)
  • Up to 50 discrete components (through-hole or surface mount)
  • A more competitive edge with 10K " 100K EAU opportunities.
  • Added value through integration of existing Zettler Component company products including relays, transformers, chokes, current sensors, LCD displays, contactors, and thermistors.
  • Or built per the customer's approved bill of materials (including non-Zettler manufactured components).

Adding contract manufacturing to the American ZETTLER value chain allows the company to better position itself within the increasingly competitive electronic component market place and to create an environment that fosters growth through increased partnership with its customers.

Link: CMS Webpage

Link: CMS Webpage

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