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SG-34F Series
40 " 80 Amp “Hockey Puck” Solid State Relay


Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
(949) 831-5000

Aliso Viejo, California " American Zettler Inc. introduces the latest series addition to our “Hockey Puck” style solid state relays. The SG-34F has models that can switch loads ranging from 40A to 80A, at voltages up to 530 Vac. The SG-34F has model options of AC or DC inputs, and zero-cross or random-phase turn on. Features include built-in snubbers, optional LED indicators and a 1200 Vpk blocking capability. The SG-34F has a minimum off-state (dv/dt) capability of at least 500 V/µs, thanks to the superior back-to-back SCR output circuitry. Additional features include: high surge capacity and a 4000 Vrms photo-isolation between input and output. The SG-34F Series is manufactured in our ISO9001 factory for optimum performance and reliability.

Pricing starts at $18.41 at 10 pieces.

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Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
American Zettler, Inc.
75 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel:(949) 831-5000
Fax:(949) 831-8642
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Relay SG-34F Series
Relay Description “Hockey Puck” Solid State Relay with paired SCR AC output
Features/Benefits Back-to-back SCR AC output
4000 Vrms Photo Isolation
1200 Vpk Blocking Voltage
Built-in snubbers
High Surge Capability
Relay Applications Motor-speed controls, Lighting controls, Heating controls, Gaming equipment, Medical equipment
Relay Availability Sample Quantity available
Production 10 weeks
Relay Cross Reference Tyco: SSR
Crouzet: 84140x
Crydom: CWA/CWD