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AZ2500/2501 Series - Stand-up Latching Miniature Power Relay

Aliso Viejo, California - American Zettler introduces AZ2500/AZ2501 Series relay, offering stand-up PC mount and PC mount with output power connection tabs with wire lead options. The AZ2500/AZ2501 has the capacity to handle heavy loads up to 13,850 VA, 50/60 Amps at 277 VAC making it ideal for applications such as HVAC-R, UPS systems, lighting controls, industrial heating, and spa controls. AZ2500/AZ2501 features include: dielectric strength of 4000 Vrms contact to coil, single or dual coil latching, a 50 millisecond pulse to “Set” or “Reset”, an optional manual switch, an option PCB retaining stud, and available epoxy sealing (excluding versions with manual switch).

Pricing starts at $ 2.31 at 1000 pieces for AZ2500
Pricing starts at $ 3.49 at 1000 pieces for AZ2501

Product Info: AZ2500

Product Info: AZ2501

Fred Harmon
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Product AZ2500/AZ2501 Series
Product Description Stand-up Latching Power Relay
Features/Benefits 50/60 Amp Switching at 277 VAC
Heavy Loads up to 13850 VA
4 kV dielectric
Low Cost
Epoxy Sealed Construction Available
Manual Switch
PCB retaining stud
Single or Dual coil
Product Applications HVAC, UPS Systems, Lighting
Controls, Industrial Heating and
Spa Controls
Product Availability Sample quantity available
Production 8 weeks
Product Cross Reference No cross reference