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American Zettler Increases Production of Automotive Relays
AZ9731, AZ9741, AZ9871 Relays

Aliso Viejo, California - California - American Zettler announces the completion of their new production lines for the ISO 40 Amp automotive relays (AZ9731, AZ9741) plus the popular 30A PCB automotive relay (AZ9871). Their new production lines allow for reduced lead-times (AZ also has stock in California) plus better manufacturing efficiencies that translate to even more competitive pricing. The new production lines have full ISO/TS 16949 Certification, helping to insure the highest quality product available.

Pricing for AZ9731 starts at $ 1.04 at 1,000 pieces
Pricing for AZ9741 starts at $ 1.04 at 1,000 pieces
Pricing for AZ9871 starts at $ 0.68 at 1,000 pieces

Product Info: AZ9731, AZ9741, AZ9871

Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
American Zettler, Inc.
75 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel:(949) 831-5000
Fax:(949) 831-8642
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Product 9741, 9871 Power Relay
Product Description 30 & 40 Amp Power Relay
Features/Benefits AZ9731, 9741- PCB Terminals, 40 Amp contact rating, High operating temperature (125°C), Resistor or diode parallel to coil available
AZ9871- Up to 30 Amp switching capability in a compact size, Vibration & Shock resistant, Cost effective, Single & Dual (Twin) relay versions
Product Applications AZ9731, 9741- Automobile car alarms and
emergency lighting
AZ9871 - Seat motors and heaters, wipers,
window motors
Product Availability Stock to 8 weeks
Product Cross Reference

AZ9731, 9741
Tyco: VF4
Omron: G8J
Aromat: CB
Bosch: 0332

Tyco (P&B): V23086