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AZ973/974 Automotive Relay Factory now ISO/ TS 16949


Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
(949) 831-5000

Aliso Viejo, California - ISO/ TS 16949, the demanding quality standard for automotive product production is met by American Zettler's AZ973 / AZ974 relay series relay factory. Rugged and dependable, the 40 amp rated AZ973 / AZ974 series relays offer versatility and quality at a low cost. Both the AZ973 and AZ974 series are available in SPST and SPDT configurations with options for an integral diode or resistor across the coil. The AZ973 has a standard Mini-ISO terminal layout and various cover configurations while the AZ974 has PCB terminals.

Pricing starts at $ 1.55 at 1000 pieces.

Product Info: AZ973, AZ974

Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
American Zettler, Inc.
75 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel:(949) 831-5000
Fax:(949) 831-8642
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Product AZ973 / AZ974
Product Description 40 Amp Automotive Relay
Features/Benefits ISO/ TS 16949
High momentary carry current (60A)
Metal or plastic mounting brackets
Resistor or diode parallel to coil
Product Applications Automobile car alarms and
Emergency lighting
Product Availability Samples available
Production â€" 11 weeks
Product Cross Reference Tyco: VF4
Omron: G8J
Aromat: CB
Bosch: 0332