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AZ8462 Series
Subminiature Signal Relay

Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
(949) 831-5000

Aliso Viejo, California - American Zettler, in continuing its tradition of excellence, introduces the AZ8462 Series relay. The AZ8462 has a DPDT contact arrangement with DIP or SMT mounting. Features include the option of single-side stable or latching single or dual coil, heavy-duty bifurcated contacts and RoHS compliance. The low power consumption and latching option makes the AZ8462 the prime choice for battery-powered applications. The AZ8462 has a surge withstand voltage up to 2500 and a high contact capacity of 2 Amps at 30 VDC. Stable contact resistance makes AZ8462 the optimum choice for lower level signal switching.

Pricing starts at $.93 at 1000 pieces.

Product Info: AZ8462

Fred Harmon
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
American Zettler, Inc.
75 Columbia
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel:(949) 831-5000
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Relay AZ8462 Series
Relay Description Sub-miniature Polarized Signal Relay
Features/Benefits 2 Amp Switching at 30 VDC
0.5 Amp Switching at 120 VAC
1.5 kV dielectric coil to contacts
Low Cost
Epoxy Sealed Construction Available
RoHS compliant
1 and 2 Coil Latching Versions Available
Relay Applications Telecommunications, Security/Alarm
Systems, Games, Process & Control
Equipment, Fax Machines
Relay Availability Sample quantities available. Production 8 weeks
Relay Cross Reference P&B (Tyco): V23079
Aromat: TX
Omron: G6S