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AZ770 Series
Subminiature HVAC Relay is now VDE approved

Aliso Viejo, California - American Zetller’s AZ770 relay has recently been approved by VDE. The AZ770 is available in SPST (N.O.) and SPDT configurations. This relay has a 5 A, 250 VAC, 100,000 cycle UL and now the VDE rating comes standard with Class B insulation. Due to its 8 mm creepage distance, this relay has an extremely high dielectric strength of 5000 Vrms and a 10 kV surge withstand from contact to coil. The AZ770 has a sensitive coil (only 200 mW) and is available with gold plated contacts and an epoxy sealed cover. The AZ770 is the perfect relay for HVAC applications where lightning induced surges are a problem. Now with VDE approval, the AZ770 is now the ideal relay for both European and US control applications.

Pricing starts at $0.64 at 1,000 pieces.

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Relay AZ770
Relay Description Subminiature, Power Relay
Features/Benefits VDE Approval
5 Amp Switching 
5kV Dielectric Strength, 10kV Surge
Small Footprint
8 mm Creepage and Clearance
Class B standard
Relay Applications Incandescent lamp controls, computers, consumer electronics, process controls, alarm systems, copiers, HVAC
Relay Availability Sample quantity available
Production 8 weeks
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P & B:T77V, T77S