Competitors Cross Reference and Part Search

American Zettler offers this list of suggested equivalents by its own and other relay manufacturer’s part numbers as a guideline for possible interchangeability. Because critical parameters such as coil resistance, must operate voltage, terminal footprint, etc. may differ slightly, a detailed comparison between data sheets should be done before selecting a particular relay as an exact cross reference. Due to rapid addition, deletion, and revision of its own and competitive relays, American Zettler cannot guarantee the total accuracy of this list. Questionable interchangeability of products should be referred to American Zettler, Inc. for clarification.



DRAZ822 AZ8222 Check Factory Stock
DRSAZ830 AZ832 Check Factory Stock
T154AZ420 AZ421 Check Factory Stock
T154AZ428 AZ429 Check Factory Stock
T154AZ431 AZ439 Check Factory Stock
T163AZ420 AZ421 Check Factory Stock
T163AZ428 AZ429 Check Factory Stock
T163AZ431 AZ439 Check Factory Stock